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What is the difference between the enamel wire and the insulated wire?

We talked about the magnet wire we all know that the magnet wire is insulated wire, played a role in insulation. If some people who do not understand their nature may confuse the magnet wire with the insulated wire, because their main properties are insulated. And in fact the electromagnetic wire enameled wire and insulated wire is essentially different, their use of the occasion when there is a world of difference.

We talk about the daily insulated wire is usually used in high frequency places, while the enameled wire is rarely used in this area. They use the different places depends mainly on the different insulation materials, enameled wire insulation for high-frequency function is not very good, and the high-frequency function of the insulated wire is very good. In the high-frequency current environment, as far as we know the high-frequency current is mainly through the conductor's surface conduction, and low-frequency current is different is mainly through the entire conductor cross-section to conduct. Which also determines its main difference. From this point of view, the conductive density of the insulated wire is smaller than that of the enameled wire. The reason is that the insulated wire is mainly used in the high frequency environment, and the enameled wire is basically applied in the low frequency environment. This is only related to its use of the environment, from here we can see that the difference between the two is obvious, and not difficult to distinguish.