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The benefits of double insulated wire

1, the operating temperature is high: mineral insulated cable can withstand continuous operating temperature up to 250 ℃. However, in an emergency, the cable can be operated in a short time at a temperature close to the melting point of the copper jacket;

2, refractories: mineral insulation cable in the application of two kinds of materials, copper and magnesium oxide is inorganic. This cable will not burn, it will not help combustion, close to the flame conditions can continue to operate;

3, explosion-proof: mineral insulated cable in the highly compact insulation material, can prevent the steam, gas and flame in the cable connected with the equipment through the parts;

4, security leakage: Sometimes the wire will be outside the use of the environment, may often suffer from moving or friction. Therefore, the double insulated wire can be strengthened to prevent the wire due to friction caused by damage, thus preventing leakage, to ensure safe use of electricity.

5, double insulated wire UL1617 and UL1672 and so on.