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What are the classification of the insulated wire

In the periphery of the wire evenly sealed and sealed a layer of non-conductive materials, such as: resin, plastic, silicone rubber, PVC, etc., to form an insulating layer to prevent contact with the outside world caused by leakage, short circuit, electric shock and other accidents called insulated wire The.

Ordinary commonly used insulated wire has the following:

1, rubber insulated wire Model: BLX-aluminum core rubber insulated wire, BX-copper core rubber insulated wire.

2, PVC insulated wire (plastic wire) Model: - aluminum core plastic wire, BV-copper core plastic wire.

3, rubber cable Model: YHC-heavy rubber cable, NYHF-agricultural neoprene dragging cable.

Rubber insulated wire with copper core, aluminum core, a single core, double core and multi-core. For indoor wiring, the working voltage is generally not more than 500 volts.