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Characteristics and mechanical properties of three - layer insulated wire

The three-layer insulated wire is a high-performance lead wire that reduces the weight and volume of the transformer.

Three-layer insulated wire features:

1, high impact resistance

2, good weather resistance

3, good chemical resistance

4, excellent wear resistance in the surface slip characteristics

5, the small amount of water and thus the size of good stability

6, the proportion of commercially available polyamide for the smallest

7, low temperature with excellent impact resistance

8, good gas barrier

Mechanical properties of three insulated wires

Tensile strength ASTM D638 / ISO527kg / cm

Elongation at break ASTMD638 / ISO527%

Tensile Modulus ASTM D638 / ISO52711200kg / cm

Tensile yield elongation ASTM / ISO527%

Tensile elongation at break ASTMD638 / ISO5273%

Flexural modulus ASTMD790 / ISO17810000kg.cm / cm

Bending strength ASTMD790 / ISO178300kg.cm / cm

Rockwell hardness ASTMD785

Application of three-layer insulated wire: water meter, automatic sprinkler system (size stability / moisture resistance / anti-UV), light and wire sheath (wear / anti-termite / anti-tooth / dielectric stability / easy processing ), Racquet hood (impact resistance / weatherability / wear / easy dyeing / easy processing), mechanical cam, sliding mechanism and bearing, washing machine parts (with metal mold) hand grip wrench (high insulation / Pressure resistance / impact resistance / easy processing), gasoline connection pipe (oil / acid / chemical / corrosion resistance) drawing printer printing head (wear / impact / resistance to flexion / acid).