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What is the overhead insulated wire

Overhead insulated wire, insulated by a single or multi-layer aluminum wire, in the wire outside the insulation layer of insulated wire, the wire from the tower will be set at a certain height of the transmission line of power lines for high and low voltage transmission overhead lines The

For the high-voltage transmission and distribution grid overhead line to the ground insulation is generally dependent on the air, the previous distribution lines (except 10kV in addition to 380V) generally also use bare wires, but because of the complex urban distribution environment, often short-circuit grounding and lightning situation, Resulting in reduced reliability of power supply, so the general overhead lines below 10kV are insulated wire (that is, the outer wire wrapped insulation layer), which is the so-called insulation overhead lines.

Overhead lines are low and high pressure of the points, with the inner screen and without the screen of the points, models are: JKLYJ, JKLGYJ. JKLYJ is an aluminum overhead line, JKLGYJ is a steel core overhead insulated wire, that is, the middle part of the aluminum core will have one or a few twisted together wire, plays a role in tension.

JK stands overhead, L represents aluminum core, G represents steel core, YJ represents cross-linked polyethylene.