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What are the characteristics of the three-layer insulated wire?

Three-layer insulated wire features mainly by the following seven points:

1, the production specifications: 0.16-1.30mm.

2, temperature level GPX-E (E grade 120C), GPX-B (B grade 130C).

3, excellent withstand voltage characteristics, breakdown voltage greater than 15KV, obtained reinforced insulation (test voltage = 3000Vms, 1min) identification.

4, without stripping the outer layer can be directly welded, the insulation layer developed by the company's leading international nano-technology modified with a straight solder of polyester heat-resistant resin and polyamide-based resin, so direct welding does not occur when the fluorine resin Insulation layer of the kind of jacket shrink copper phenomenon, direct welding excellent, solder 420.

5, special wear resistance and surface smoothness.

6, resistant to chemical solvents and impregnated paint performance. Rating Volta rated voltage (Working Voltag operating voltage) 1000Vrms, UL.

7, in order to distinguish between different groups of coil winding, according to customer requirements, a variety of colors of the three insulated wire (ordinary is khaki), can provide the following colors: red, brown, green, blue, its performance is the same.