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What is the general requirement for insulated wire connections?

General requirements are as follows:

(1) the connection of insulated wire is not allowed to be wound, should be used for special clip, connecting pipe connection.

(2) different metals, different specifications, different twisted insulation lines, non-bearing line of the bundling line is strictly prohibited in the file to do the connection.

(3) in a range, the split-out of the insulation line each only allows a bearing joints, joints from the wire fixed point distance should not be less than 0.5m, low-voltage cluster insulated wire non-bearing joints should be staggered, The end of each joint is not less than 0.2m.

(4) copper wire insulated wire and aluminum core or aluminum alloy core insulated wire connection, should take copper and aluminum transition connection.

(5) stripping insulation layer, the semiconductor layer should use a dedicated cutting tool, shall not damage the wire, the insulation layer and the core of the incision should be 45o chamfer.

(6) Insulation line must be insulated after connection. Insulated wire of all the ends, joints should be insulated cover, no wires, joints exposed to prevent water.

(7) medium voltage insulated wire connector must be shielded.