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What is the difference between ordinary insulated wire and flame retardant wire?

1, ordinary insulated wire and flame retardant wire is different from the flame-retardant wire through the flame-retardant test or certification, and ordinary cable did not.

2, most of the ordinary insulated wire and flame-retardant wire in the appearance of no significant difference, but the domestic flame-retardant wire will be printed on the content with ZR words. And foreign standards such as UL according to different levels of flame retardant in the above printed with VW-1 or CMP, CMR and other words.

3, flame-retardant cable, refers to the provisions of the test conditions, the sample was burned, after the removal of the test fire, the flame spread only within the limits, residual flame or burning in a limited time to self-extinguish the cable. The fundamental feature is: in the case of fire may be burned and can not run, but can prevent the spread of the fire. In layman's terms, if the wire in case of fire, can limit the combustion in the local area, do not spread, keep other kinds of equipment, to avoid causing greater losses.

4, the domestic cable on the flame rating rating is: GB / T12666.